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Second Annual
Miss JuneteenthKC Pageant

Phenix Watson

Miss JuneteenthKC 


Mariah Turner

Jr Miss JuneteenthKC 

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JuneteenthKC is excited to host the 2nd Annual Becoming Miss JuneteenthKC Pageant.
This program consists of eight themed weeks of curriculum, followed by our pageant presentation night, Saturday, May 20th at the Historic GEM Theater.
JuneteenthKC will provide pageant participants education, tools, and resources to help build resilience and gain confidence for positive choices.  


Officially hosted by:

Lauren Scott (KSHB 41 the Spot)

& Cherayla Haynes

The Miss JuneteenthKC Pageant will be selected from girls ages 12 to 18. 

Miss JR JuneteenthKC (age 12-15)
Miss JuneteenthKC (age 16-18)
**This crowned participant will be registered to compete at the

Miss Juneteenth National competition in Galveston, Texas.
--- Candidates' 19th birthday CANNOT be before September 1st.

Miss JuneteenthKC is open to ALL girls in the greater Kansas City area.

Please contact to learn more! 

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How can I participate in Becoming Miss JuneteenthKC?

With the consent of a parent or guardian, girls within the Greater Kansas City area can complete the application and pay a $50 application fee to participate in Becoming Miss JuneteenthKC. The application must include a current grade card. 


How much does it cost to participate?

Aside from the $50 application fee, which will be applied to any costs, the girls may require during their time Becoming Miss JuneteenthKC. JuneteenthKC will provide the pageant gowns, makeup, professional headshots, and swag for all the girls. --Participants unable to pay the application fee are offered the opportunity to submit  a two minute video detailing  how receiving an application scholarship will support them in achieving their goal to become Miss JuneteenthKC and what it would mean to them to represent their community if they are crowned.  The video must include their name, age, and current school. 


What happens after I apply? 

The girls will begin eight weeks of themed workshops starting March 18th if selected. Workshops are scheduled on Saturdays from 9:00-1:00 pm (youth checkin at 8:45 am). During this time, the girls will speak with their Pageant Mentors, hear from special guests and go on scheduled outings. The girls will also work on special projects for the pageant and learn what will take to be crowned on the pageant night. 


What happens if crowned Miss JuneteenthKC?

The newly crowned Miss JuneteenthKC will be required to make certain appearances on behalf of JuneteenthKC, for example, the Cultural Parade and the Heritage Festival. Miss JuneteenthKC will serve as a community liaison, speaking on behalf of JuneteenthKC in specific community events. Additionally, Miss JuneteenthKC will serve on the following year's pageant committee. 

JuneteenthKC Invites you to Meet Laila!


Laila is the graphic designer behind many of the images you will see for the Miss JuneteenthKC Pageant. And, she's just 13 years old! 


JuneteenthKC is lucky and excited to have a girl from our very own community working on this new project.  Laila attends our weekly meetings and provides the necessary insight to our committee as we work to create something special for little Black girls in Kansas City.  


Additionally, Laila will work with our team to mentor the girls, sharing her story as an artist and graphic designer, and entrepreneur. 


Join us in welcoming Laila to the JuneteenthKC team!

Laila Bio 2023.JPG

Meet The Artist


Thank you to our sponsors!

JuneteenthKC encourages people of all backgrounds-
from Kansas City, across the country, and around the world- to learn about African American history and grow with JuneteenthKC.
Please consider supporting our virtual and in-person programs by becoming a partner, volunteering, and/or making a donation.
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