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US Bank

Reece Nichols
US Bank 

US Bank

Reece Nichols
Arvest Bank 

US Bank

Reece Nichols
Arvest Bank 

US Bank

Reece Nichols
Arvest Bank 

US Bank

Reece Nichols
Arvest Bank 

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Homeowner & Financial Empowerment Workshops

A workshop series for learning and connecting with supportive organizations on your journey
towards home ownership.


Children welcome to attend





JuneteenthKC proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with US Bank to further enhance the development of our Home Ownership Empowerment Workshops. Through this collaboration, we are excited to unveil the sponsorship of seven additional workshop dates in 2024, a testament to our shared commitment to fostering homeownership within the Greater Kansas City area.

In addition to this milestone partnership with US Bank, we are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with UMB Bank. This alliance will enable us to provide essential emergency utility assistance and housing support supplies for families attending our workshops, effectively countering barriers that may impede their path towards homeownership.

Building upon existing collaborations with Reece Nichols, Arvest Bank, Habitat for Humanity, and various community partners, JuneteenthKC is steadfast in its mission to bridge the housing equality divide. Commencing on March 25th, our monthly Home Ownership & Financial Empowerment workshops will now be more accessible to families across the Greater Kansas City area, offering direct supportive services to facilitate their journey towards homeownership.

Attendees can anticipate not only valuable educational resources but also connections to a diverse array of community support agencies and housing resources. Our comprehensive approach includes one-on-one Home Ownership education, guiding families as they navigate the complexities of sustainable housing.

As part of the Home Ownership & Financial Empowerment Initiative, JuneteenthKC is proud to introduce special activities that promote positive social interactions among families within the community, all while considering homeownership. These initiatives, coupled with financial education tools, aim to empower families, fostering a supportive environment as they embark on their transition towards homeownership.

JuneteenthKC extends its heartfelt gratitude to US Bank, Reece Nichols, Arvest Bank, Habitat for Humanity, and all community partners for their unwavering support. Together, we are dedicated to making homeownership a reality for families in the Greater Kansas City area, advancing our shared vision of housing equality and financial empowerment.

Emergency Support Resources

As we embrace the blossoming beauty of spring and anticipate the vibrant festivities ahead, let's not forget the importance of ensuring the safety and security of our community. One essential aspect of home safety is ensuring that your fire alarm is in perfect working condition. A functioning fire alarm is a lifeline in times of emergency, offering vital protection for your loved ones and property. It's a small action that can have a profound impact during critical situations. We urge each of you to take a moment today to test your fire alarm, guaranteeing its readiness to alert you and your family in the event of a fire.

If you need assistance with testing or installing fire alarms in your home, click the link below:

Your safety is our top priority, and by taking this simple precaution, you contribute to fostering a safe and joyful spring season for everyone. Let's unite as a community to prioritize safety and well-being.

Warm wishes for a safe and delightful spring season!

Free Fire Alarms & Installation 

As we transition into springtime, we acknowledge that this period may still bring financial challenges, for many families within our community.


JuneteenthKC remains committed to supporting you, ensuring that your homes remain havens of warmth and comfort throughout the upcoming season. Considering the potential financial strains, we encourage you to explore the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) gas assistance. Click the link below to begin your application process and access crucial support to ensure a cozy and inviting home during the cooler days ahead.


Recognizing that the spring season can bring added financial pressures, LIHEAP stands ready to offer essential aid for low to moderate-income families. Let's join hands to make this season more manageable and enjoyable for every member of our community.

LIHEAP Gas Assistance 



Since 2013, Urban Community Connections (UCC) has been a frontline force against food insecurity, uplifting households in Kansas City, MO, Kansas City, KS, and nearby cities by providing food, household support items and infant care supplies. Urban Community Connections operates on the principle of serving one household at a time, ensuring direct delivery of non-perishable, shelf-stable food to community initiatives for those facing food insecurity. Click the link below to learn more about their Pantry, Hygiene and infant support services. 

Emergency Support


Please  click the link below to determine your eligibility to receive JuneteenthKC emergency support services. Please note that completing this form does not guarantee the receipt of items requested and is based upon JuneteenthKC's emergency supply inventory. All request forms will be reviewed and outreach to inform applicants availability of resources will be provided within 2-3 business days. Be sure to check your email inbox for resource updates--


COMMUNICATIONS ARE COMMONLY SENT VIA EMAIL.-- BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTERS--Preference is given to applicants referred by Case Workers/Community Partner Agencies-- LIMIT OF 1 REQUEST PER HOUSEHOLD A MONTH--


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