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Location: Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center

Date:  Saturday, June 18th 

Bel-Air The Exhibition will open Wednesday, June 1, 2022 and runs through Friday, July 1, 2022 in the large studio exhibition space upstairs at Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center.

Developed in collaboration with JuneteenthKC, the presentation rejoices the multifaceted work of artists whose vibrant visual, material, and conceptual concerns are important to the Kansas City to celebrate. The exhibition showcases the artwork of Kansas City artists whose works are featured in the new Peacock drama series “Bel-Air” produced and director by Kansas Citian Morgan Cooper. More than 30 major works will be on view in different mediums, including works on paper, canvas, and jewelry. exhibition will be accompanied by marketing and website publications.

The exhibition was curated and installed by Jason Piggie.


Artist: Jason Wilcox

Title: Fresh (Will Smith)  

Medium: Acrylic (on Canvas)

Dimensions: 22 x 32 inch


Introducing Our Artists From Bel-Air The Exhibition...

Jason Wilcox.jpg

Jason Wilcox

Painter | Muralist

I’m from Kansas City and I’m an Artist!!!!


Art has always been a passion of mine. I knew from a very early age that art would be a strong influence in my life. My artistic mission is to entice the viewer to escape reality and live an alternate life within the painting.


J Art Pro is born out of Jason Wilcox's creative mind and influenced by a collaboration of painting, graphic design, video production, and music. Jason's artistic vision developed from an early age and advanced through education at Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts in Kansas City, Missouri where he was awarded Best Visual Artist of his Senior class of 2000. The Scholastic Arts Award earned him college art program scholarships.


Current media include acrylic, gold, silver, copper, and green leaf, ink, paint marker, oil pastel, spray paint and watercolor. Natural sponges are the preferred application method for blending, but some pieces are done with a brush. New media and application techniques are uniquely utilized within each piece of work, such as embroidery, Marley hair, and French lace veil. Jason's work shows a contemporary outlook on realism, abstract, and pop art styles.

Harold-Smith-320x320 (1).jpg

Harold Smith

Abstract Artist | Educator

Harold works primarily in acrylics and mixed media (occasionally oil). His work is influenced by jazz and the jazz dynamic in life. He lives and works in the Kansas City area. Harold’s work has been collected worldwide and he has exhibited in France, New York, Newport, San Francisco, College Park (MD), and of course Kansas City. Harold also writes and produces films.

Clarissa Knighten.jpg

Clarissa Knighten

Jewelry Designer


Clarissa Knighten left Corporate America in August 2017 to pursue her business, Rissa’s Artistic Design. R.A.D creates a haven for those who seek to collect and wear bold beautiful art. She strives to handcraft masterpieces of jewelry that range from Earthy to Edgy to Elegant. Leather, cowrie shells, tree branches, rocks, wire, various weights of metal, gemstones even buttons can be found in her work. Each piece has the ability to transform any outfit, while at the same time lifting the emotional expression of the wearer. This creates higher self - image, confidence and savvy attitude needed to navigate the complex and dynamic world we live in today. Her jewelry has a voice and an expressive story of resilience.  

Clarissa participated in runway show with Kansas City Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2019, KC Studio Magazine September / October 2018 with the African American Artist Collective, KC Studio Magazine May /June 2018 edition has a photograph of her work for Black Space Black Art, Guild It - Presenter, Global Entrepreneurship Week - Presenter and Vintage KC Magazine advertised her work in the 2016 Holiday addition.  


“I would like to help people understand jewelry is art. Wearable art, art in every form heals.”

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 7.23.02 AM.png

Warren 'Stylez' Harvey


Warren was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Warren, also referred to as “Stylez” an alias used to denote his uniqueness, has enjoyed creating art from a very young age. Warren works predominantly as a painter, using acrylic paint to illustrate his journey within. He creates to inspire and uplift himself and others. Using bright vibrant colors, to display the creativity and beauty of The Creator. Warren’s work is known for his geometrical style, rooted in spirituality. He’s had a multitude of successful art shows throughout his 10-year art career. His works have been showcased at various events in the Kansas City Metro area. One of his paintings was also recently featured on the new television series Bel-Air on Peacock TV. He plans to continue to allow his inner voice to guide every brush stroke creating future masterpieces. Warren Harvey lives by the mantra, “I Am That I Am.” He still resides proudly in Kansas City, Missouri.

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 7.28.13 AM.png

Whitney Manney

Fashion & Textile Artist

My name is Whitney Manney, founder and designer of WHITNEYMANNEY. I am a fashion and textile designer based in Kansas City, Missouri. My inspiration to create wearable art and textiles started at the age of 13, not because I was obsessed with fashion but because I was tired of growing out of my clothes so quickly. Remixing old clothes into my own ideas inspired me to be a creator. I love color, pattern, texture, and believe that we should be able to make a statement through fashion. I want to be able to wear my confidence on my sleeve every day.

Previously Featured JuneteenthKC Artists...

Warren H
Bel-Air Artists
Ricardo W
Rich Royal Art.jpg

Ricardo Weatherborne Rich Royal Art

Ricardo Weatherborne is known for his luxury exotic abstract and fine art portraits that are more than just a beautiful piece of art, the designs in each of his art pieces bring out deep emotions and tell tales. His pieces are captivating and true one-of-a-kind show-stoppers. Ricardo creates his own style of art, every piece has it's own feeling. That what make his pieces one of a kind.

Instagram: Rich3x

Facebook: Rich A Million


FAC_thumb-default (1).jpg

Centennial Church Praise Dancers

1834 Woodland Ave. 

Kansas City, MO  64108   

Phone:  816-421-5527  


Our FB Page:  The Historic Centennial United Methodist Church

Centenial Church Praise Dancers

Two Steppers


Video coming soon.

For private/group 2 Step or Line Dance Lessons, contact:



2 Step Instructor: CeCe

Messenger: CeCe Queen

Instagram: cecequeeniam



Da Dance Nation

2 Step & Line Dance Instructor: Dooragg

Facebook: Dooragg Da Danca

Call: 816.328.2913


Two Steppers

Charles “Swavy” Jones

Charles “Swavy” Jones is a Kansas City based artist and entrepreneur most known for his vibrant paintings. The acrylic and airbrushed paintings of his are among his most notable work and have been shown across the city as well as featured in the Kansas City Star. Charles’ aim is to provoke thought and conversation through spirited storytelling and symbolism. His fashion line, Swavy Custom, keeps him busy as well while also tackling college. Charles attends the Kansas City Art Institute on a scholarship as 2022 Fibers Major. Becoming a more versatile creative thinker and sharpening his craft is what Jones is up to now. 


For updates on Jones’ work his website is


Instagram: @charlesswavy


Watch the Progression of Charles Swavvy's Mural

Charles “Swavy” Jones
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